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Smartie cards is your digital collection of flash cards right at your finger tips! take it with you where ever you go. With our list of games and challenges, Smartie cards will help you pass that test in flying colors.

Audible Reading.

Press the audio icon and Smartie Cards will read your cards aloud.

Games and Challenges.

Take part in games based on the subjects you have selected or challenge yourself with daily challenges and beat your friends high score.

Earn Coins

Earn coins when participating in challenges and games. Use your coins to buy repeats or profile customisations.


Earn Badges

Badges are only given out for special accomplishments. Earn badges by getting high scores and finishing challenges and games. Share badges with friends.

Use Smartie CardsĀ for smarter learning
We keep it simple.

Download the app

Available for android and IOS.


Select your subjects

Select your favorite subject packs which comes with hundreds of cards or create your own.


Use like flash cards

Use your Smartie Card collection as you would flash cards to help you remember.


Share with friends

Don’t keep your learning secret to your self. Share Smartie cards with your friends


A Step-by-Step Guide to Smartie Cards.

Parent Features

Learn more about how Smartie Cards can be used to help your kids.

Teacher Features

Teachers can use Smartie cards to engage learning in their classroom or even for private lessons.

Students Features

Explore Smartie cards features for students.


Join your classmates in the classroom section.

Teachers can create a class and invite their students. Students can undertake various tasks, keep track of notice and join in group chats.

Making CXC ExamsEasier for students!

No matter the age or learning level. Smartie Cards can help boost your grades

Student Feedback

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