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Games & Challenges

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At Smartie Cards Inc., we believe that learning should be fun! Our educational app allows students to participate in exciting games based on the subject of their choice, all while earning coins that can be used to review cards later on. 


You can challenge yourself to beat the learner on the Leaderboard. The winner for prizes will be selected from the person on the Leaderboards.


Students can earn coins when they complete tasks 



Students can earn badges when they win challenges 


You can use the star feature to set an item as favourite. This will allow you to easily identify  questions you would like to review again later.  

Challenges and Prizes

Smartie Cards Inc. is more than just an educational app. Not only does it provide students with a fun and interactive way to learn, but it also offers the chance to win amazing prizes! Students can take part in  challenges and compete for an annual scholarship, gadgets, trips, and more. The leaderboard scores will determine the lucky winners. 

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