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Are your ready to ace your CSEC Exams?

Smartie Cards, the innovative high school education app designed for CXC-CSEC examinations, is an excellent tool to help students improve their exam grades. This user-friendly app offers a fun and easy method for revising and mastering subjects, combining interactive features with personalized learning experiences. Here, we'll explore the key functionalities of the students' portal of Smartie Cards and how they can be used to enhance your exam preparation.

Monthly Subscription Plans

Our Monthly Subscription Plans give students the flexibility to choose the right plan for their academic needs. Starting with a 30-day free trial, students can access the platform and choose from 3 different plans at an affordable price. Upgrade to just $.99 cents a month to gain access to one subject, $1.99 for three subjects or $2.99 for all subjects.


Subjects, Topics and Cards

The app's intuitive interface allows you to seamlessly navigate through subjects and topics. With a wide array of subjects available including:

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Social Studies 

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Chemistry

  • Principles of Business

  • History

  • Geography

  • Economics

  • Biology


You can personalize your study plan according to your curriculum. Dive into specific topics and explore a collection of cards designed to cover key concepts. Each card has a question at the front. Double tap the card to reveal the answer. 

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How to use Smartie Cards

Smartie Cards ensures an engaging learning experience by incorporating features such as double-tap to reveal answers and an options icon for additional functionalities like audio reading and favoriting cards. These tools empower students to absorb information effectively and at their own pace. 

Challenges and Prizes

Smartie Cards Inc. is more than just an educational app. Not only does it provide students with a fun and interactive way to learn, but it also offers the chance to win amazing prizes! Students can take part in  challenges and compete for an annual scholarship, gadgets, trips, and more. The leaderboard scores will determine the lucky winners, so download Smartie Cards and start playing today.

Creating an Account

To start using  Smartie Cards App, the first step after you have downloaded the app from the App Store is to create an account and choose the 'Student' account type. You will need an active email address to complete your account registration. Once registered, navigate to the subjects tab to select your desired subjects. This is also an ideal time to explore subscription options tailored to your study preferences. The subjects you have selected will be displayed on the  subject tab at the bottom of your screen.

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