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Simple Effective Learning

Ace Your CSEC Exams with

Smartie Cards

Smartie Cards is the perfect study tool for anyone looking to improve their academic performance. An ideal revision tool for CXC-CSEC. The Application uses the highly effective learning methods of Active Recall, Metacognition and Confidence Based Learning which helps users retain information better over time. Smartie Cards caters to all types of learners and is designed to help students perform better on exams. Try Smartie Cards today, have fun with in-app games, quizzes and contests and watch your exam grades improve.


Revolutionary Study Tools

    Flashcards Made Easy
    Track Your Progress
    Quizzes & Tests


Customized Study Plans

    Interactive Learning

Smartie Cards allows you to set customized study plans based on your unique needs and goals. You can choose the topic you want to review and spend more time on. Our app provides real-time feedback and progress tracking to help you stay on track and achieve your academic goals.

    Real-Time Feedback
    Progress Tracking

Ace you CSEC Exams

Smartie Cards is the ultimate study tool for students who want to perform better on their CXC/CSEC Examination. The app is designed to help you improve retention, elevate your grades and achieve academic success.


    24/7 Support
    Easy-To-Use Interface
key features
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At Smartie Cards Inc. we are dedicated to creating  impactful educational experiences for students in the Caribbean region. We pledge to provide efficient tools to ensure that students are well equipped to traverse the educational technology landscape. As users of Smartie Cards you are effectively empowering education through technology.  We aim to continue to inspire curiosity and unlock  students' full potential  through the use of technology.

Data Center

Secure & Reliable

    Affordable Pricing
Smartie Cards uses bank-grade security and encryption systems to ensure that your personal information is safe and secure.

We provide affordable pricing options, ensuring that our app is accessible to everyone. Our tutorial videos and guides are designed to be easy to understand, making learning a smooth and stress-free experience.


User Testimonials

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"Say goodbye to bulky flashcards and hello to Smartie Cards Digital Cards. I no longer have to worry about losing or misplacing my flashcards.  Everything I need is on my phone, a few clicks away.  I can learn from anywhere at any time". 

Sara Rogers - Student

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"Smartie Cards is very easy to use. I love the the different features....the games, challenges and prizes to be won. A  fun and exciting way

to improve my grades"


K. Wells - Student 

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"I like the fact that teachers can use the app to create additional revisional material for students and monitor their progress. That makes it easier to identify areas I need to

improve on" 

M. Samuel - Student

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